About us

Hi everyone so i'm Tasha, mum to my two little babes Liam and Iyla and partner to Brian. We are the family behind the brand and Liam is the reason the business was created. 


I studied fashion design at university and shortly after graduating found out i was expecting our first baby boy. Obviously this changed my plans and instead of pursuing a career in adult fashion i found a new love for kids clothing. I spend hours online browsing stores and just couldn't find what i was looking for or the style of clothes i wanted for Liam in his size and so this is where it began. 

I dug out my sewing machine bought some fabrics and started drawing patterns and creating my own clothing for him. Friends and family soon started asking if i could make bits for their little ones and i finally created a page on both Instagram and Facebook. They were only supposed to be for me to keep all my pictures in one place to show friends but they quickly started to get noticed by people and i was being contacted asking if i was taking orders. 

This was when i decided to launch our first website and register as a business. We started off purely with handmade items that i would sew at my small dining table. Working late t night when Liam was sleeping. As time went on and things progressed we bought more machines and also went into printing. Within 18 months i had to teach Brian how to sew due to becoming so busy and not being able to keep up. We very quickly outgrew our little dining room and a year ago we got our first studio. (large log cabin in the garden). We now have the space to offer more products including handmade, printed clothing and sublimation printing. 

Our Second child Iyla was born in October 2017 which obviously made it harder now working around two kids. Everything we do is for our babies, and we are so grateful for every single order, purchase, like or share on social media and any recommendations. Without you guys our little brand wouldn't have ever taken off, we are so excited to see what the future brings and i have so many more ideas for products to bring you guys.